Friday, September 27, 2013

International Friday: Cute Stationery and Such

Angry Birds bento? Heck yeah!

We've talked about some really serious things here at EKM--racism, stereotyping, and girls' empowerment. But for this International Friday, we're going to talk about something even more important...CUTE STATIONERY! It's the last International Friday of Back-to-School Month, so what better way to close it off than by indulging in mindless but delicious consumerism?

I've posted some yummy pictures of kawaii (cute) bento (lunchboxes) and school supplies. Kawaii culture originated in Japan but has spread throughout Asia and the world, as evidenced by the amount of online retailers specializing in it (*NOTE* I have zero affiliation with any of the web sites listed here, and have listed them for informational purposes only). Also, cute culture isn't just for kids. Women in Japan, and some men, just can't resist the cute!

The Lunches

Yes, folks, they are made from nothing other than an imaginative use of rice, seaweed, and other food products!

Pencils and Such

School supplies so cute, who really needs school? My favorite are the poop pencils (they're the ones that look like ice cream scoops!) With the POCKY pencils a close second.

I can't stand it! Everything is!

Thanks for reading, everyone! See you in October!

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  1. I have a minor addiction to cute school supplies and definitely may have to go purchase the POCKY pencils :) Granted, I'd rather have some of the candy right now! I'm also amazed by the bento's--who wants to eat it when it's so cute?!

    1. I will have to join you in the school supplies addiction area. I want those poop pencils. They say "Crazy Sh*t" on the handle. LOL!

  2. Wow, someone's very talented- the lunches all look great!

    1. I don't know anything about the people who made these, but I'm wondering if they are aspiring writers like us, who, need another outlet for procrastination???