Thursday, August 15, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Old-School YA: Virginia Nielsen's Mirror, Mirror


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Thanks for hanging with me thus far! I've got a ton of exciting things planned for this blog in the weeks ahead, but my schedule has gotten CRAZY. I hope to be posting at least once a week once September hits, but you never know! And now, on to the review...

This week, we'll be taking a look at Virginia Nielsen's Mirror Mirror, published in 1983 by Scholastic's Windswept imprint.

When a friend of mine dug this out of an old box, I really wanted to get excited about this book. But while reading this, I couldn't help but compare it to a Lifetime channel movie. This book has: twins separated at birth, secrets, freak accidents, a psycho murderer, and forbidden, but chaste love. The story moved at a good pace, so there wasn't much time to be bored, but at 155 pages, there wasn't much time to be engaged. The main character, Gillian Topper was a little bit too lovesick lapdog for my taste, and I didn't care enough for the other characters, either. I kept wondering how a book like this would be written in 2013, and perhaps that also contributed to my displeasure. There were some lovely descriptions of Gillian's Valley and Gerry's San Francisco, however, but other than that, this book fell flat.

If you're curious about old-school YA, I would pick this up just for fun. The book is peppered with old-fashioned expressions like "going steady" and "that's neat!" that are sure to make you giggle! When writing descriptions of setting, Ms. Nielsen's writing is tops. But other than the fact they are twins, the main characters are just not that interesting.

My unofficial rating: for teens ages 13 and up, due to adult themes and violence.

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  1. The cover reminds me of a Sweet Valley High one, and those mc's are twins too. Though you probably knew that, cuz those were some popular books back in the day! =)

    1. Sweet Valley!!! I need to get my hands on a copy or two of those....

  2. Hi Maureen-- Wow! Sounds like quite a book! I hope you see this post because I want to get in contact with you. You won the giveaway for a copy of Chieu Anh Urban's wonderful novelty book-- AWAY WE GO on my blog. Could you please send me your email address via the contact form on my website -- Thanks so much!