Monday, July 8, 2013

Print Media Monday: Kids Still Read Paper Books?

Saw this article floating around in several different versions on the web. Apparently, young people read more printed books than their older counterparts!!! If you haven't read this article yet, click here to read why.


  1. I have read (;=})this, and I know from my own teens that this seems correct. DD admonished me not to get an E-reader, because they are for "old People." I suppose I should celebrate that she doesn't count me as one, and that young people prefer print.

    1. LOL. That cracks me up! For some reason, I imagined that teens would more readily embrace e-readers, because they eat up all sorts of technology. But I guess we old people are wrong. I also personally prefer print, but the bookshelf at home is looking very full, so I might make the switch to electronic soon.