Monday, June 10, 2013

Print Media Monday: Superman Family Adventures #11

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2013 is Superman's 75th anniversary. So in honor of the Man of Steel, the only one who can wear blue tights and red undies and still look good, we're going to review DC Comics' Superman Family Adventures #11!

*Author's Note*I did a bit of internet digging about twenty seconds ago, and found out that Superman Family Adventures has already ended with book #12. Boo! Sorry for being so late, folks! Our local Toys R Us is a bit behind when it comes to stocking comic books!

Back to the review! SFA is the work of creative team Art Baltazar and Franco, set in the Tiny Titans Universe. (Aw, yeah!) The art, like Tiny Titans, is bright and colorful. The villains are scary, but not too scary. In fact, (and I mean this in the best possible way) the illustrations look like they were done by a child, and that is part of its appeal. If you want to introduce your child to the world of super heroes without all the blood, liplock, and too-ample cleavage, this is the perfect series to do it with.

The other part of its appeal, of course, is Baltazar and Franco's whip-smart humor. I haven't picked up an issue since #2, so I had some trouble following the story line. Even then, almost every page got a giggle out of me.

Finally, no offense to the talented team at DC comics for making this comic happen, but the best part about this comic for me? The price! At $2.99, this comic can't be beat. For $2.99 you get a few minutes of quiet while your son or daughter has a few laughs, and some reading practice, too. What more could a parent ask for? :-)

Superman Family Adventures is rated "E" for everyone!

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