Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My first post...gack!

As the mother of a 6.5 year old girl, I've always been conscious of what she consumes--veggies, check. Fruits--check. No artificial colors or flavors--check (most of the time). It was so easy in the beginning. But as she's gotten older, I've realized that media is another thing on the list of things she consumes, and it's yet another thing I have to be careful about. Is this television show sending the right messages to young girls? To young boys? Is that commercial racist? So I have finally decided to start a blog about all the things that have been brewing in my head about all these television and internet shows, movies, books my daughter is allowed or not allowed to consume. I am hoping to start a conversation with you out there in the hopes of...well, starting a conversation! So let's get talking!

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